Sue Hawksworth

I have made several trips to Yorkshire and these works were based on drawings made there.
PA2017-01 The old gate post.jpg
PA2017-02 Moorland Road.jpg
PR2018-08 The Old Gatepost 1.jpg
PR2018-09 The Old Gatepost 2.jpg
PR2018-10 The Old Gatepost 3.jpg
PR2018-11 The Old Gatepost 4.jpg
PA2014-04 man in the waterfall.jpg
DR2014-02 man in a waterfall 2.jpg
DR2014-03 man in waterfall 3.jpg
DR2014-04 man in waterfall 4.jpg
DR2014-05 man in a waterfall 5.jpg
DR2014-06 man in waterfall 6.jpg